Malevolent Lover – a poem by McDennias H. Moyo

Malevolent Lover

Smitten with you and I surrender my heart as your domicile
You are like fine wine to my exquisite palate of an oenophile
Beguiled by your beauty and no one can stand with you juxtaposed
Incorrigible is my longing and to your charms im predisposed

You insult my intelligence with your prevarications
I continue to self-sabotage and the diagnosis is abnegation
They say my affliction is self-inflicted, but I thought we were infallible
I blame my heart that convinced me that your heart was also amiable

Your malevolent and antagonistic nature were imperceptible
How you came to possess such a cold heart is to me incomprehensible
They told me loving you was capricious as I fell for you on a whim
Valiantly I did not take heed of their advice, I thought our love was solemn

You care less that since you left, I feel so hollow
Life devoid of meaning now, the loss is a bitter pill to swallow
You enjoy my melancholy, you want me to wallow in solitude
You won, I was deceived by your love that had some verisimilitude

By McDennias H. Moyo
# McDeePoetry2020

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Published by McDennias H. Moyo

Philosophy through poetry

4 thoughts on “Malevolent Lover – a poem by McDennias H. Moyo

  1. I like the usage of the words. The flow of the lines are fabulous. Two typos.
    The lover is truly malevolent. Thank you for letting me see through your perspective.

    Liked by 1 person

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